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tomatometer – 7 / 10 Stars
Creators – Robert Mark Kamen
Directed by – Ric Roman Waugh
Cast – Gerard Butler, Danny Huston
Genre – Thriller

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I don’t know how many security staff it takes, and how much it costs, to keep a president safe when he’s fishing (or golfing. But for Gerard Butler’s Mike Banning the cost is much more physical. In Ric Roman Waugh’s Angel Has Fallen Mike has always been part of the president’s Secret Service detail, and now President Trumbull wants Mike to take on the role of Secret Service Director. But Mike is keeping his president in the dark about his many health issues, and also his wife. The unrecognisable Leah in a cast change, and now played by the lovely Piper Perabo.
Gerard Butler is slightly fraying around the edges, but he’s not yet ready for a desk job, and he’s game for another tour of duty with Angel Has Fallen. He can still run with the bulls when training on Danny Huston’s assault course. Danny in fine fettle is either a president or villain in his screen roles, and here he is Mike’s comrade in arms Wade Jennings, from way back. Now running his own private security business, maybe if Mike took on the Secret Service role he may throw some business Wade’s way. Times are hard during peace for military contractors.
But all that gets blown out of the water when on the fishing trip above a swarm of drones takes out the presidential detail, except Mike, who manages to save President Trumbull by hurling them both off the boat and into the freezing water. A hardy group of stuntmen took to the water during the attack with plenty of firepower.
As the president lies in a coma and fighting for his life, Tim Blake Nelson is sworn in as VP Kirby. To be honest he is too short to be US President! But he lands on his feet determined to root out who ordered the attack. And unfortunately Jada Pinkett Smith’s FBI Agent Helen Thompson has narrowed it down to one. The trail leads straight to the Dark Web and a 10 million bank account in Mike’s name, courtesy of the Russians. With the van from where the drones were launched found, and full of Mike’s DNA, as back up evidence. It’s very thorough and neat.
Angel has fallen far and Mike is the No1 villain in the US. How many times can a president’s life be threatened under the watch of the same guy? Before he snaps and takes up the arms himself? Even Lance Reddick as Secret Service Director David Gentry believes Mike is guilty. He must be retiring if Mike is being offered his job. Back to The Continental Hotel for him then!
In custody on the other side of the law Mike is taken enroute to a detention centre, when the convoy is attacked, and he is sprung. Until he takes out these would be assassins and makes his escape. Although you would never know as it’s so dark you can barely make anything out. But he recognises a couple of the guys he just despatched, from Wade Jenning’s security set up last week. I think we know whose gig this is! Yet with more guns than people in the US, and a patriotic population, Mike himself is likely to be recognised if he attempts to phone his wife. He is, but manages to tell Leha he has been set up, just as the Feds zone in on his call. And the service station customers zero in on him. Fortunately he can drive a rig to make a fast escape…
If Mike has been set up he needs to lay low and work out his next move. And he heads for Nick Nolte who has the perfect off grid life in West Virginia. Mike’s estranged Vietnam vet father is also really keen on protecting his land. And when the villains find them, well Clay is ready for them. Lots of bangs for your buck in this one. And plenty of laughs. Angel isn’t taking itself too seriously here.
And back in the Oval Office the VP is hawkishly eyeing up the Russians, and with the US military spread thinly across the world, he may need to use additional private military if the US want to launch an attack. Wonder who they could ask for that?
With President Trumbull heavily guarded how is Mike going to get to him and prevent the real bad guys from taking him out? I’m willing to give Gerard a chance. He’s always good in these shoot to kill roles and Angel Has Fallen carries itself well. With a lively cast, Jada Pinckett Smith looked especially good, terrific stunt crew, and plenty of buildings to blow up, Ric Roman Waugh gets the job done.
A great action movie for the boys. With a surprising end credit scene. Because in the dark no-one can hear you scream.

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